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1975 John Lennon Signed Apple Record (from “Helping Hand Marathon”)

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1975 John Lennon Signed Apple Record (from “Helping Hand Marathon”)

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In 1975, the Philadelphia radio station, WFIL, aired the “Helping Hand Marathon,” and it was hosted that year by guest DJ, John Lennon. John spent the weekend of May 17th – 18th answering calls and accepting pledges for local charities. Each hour, Lennon paused to sign autographs for additional donations, an exercise administered by volunteers who buffered John from his adoring fans. The coordination of these signings was simple. The volunteers accepted various signing media from fans seeking his autograph. These were then curried to John, who cordially provided his autograph thereon. On this day John did not disappoint any of his fans. One of the surfaces that he signed was the offered 45 rpm record of The Beatles’ “Something/Come Together” (US-APPLE 2654). (Oddly, John signed the “Something” side and not the more popular “Come Together” side.) The John Lennon signature was penned in blue ballpoint above the printed “The Beatles” on the green-apple side label. The record appears to be in Mint condition with no visible imperfections. The record sleeve is that of the standard black Apple Records and it’s in EX condition.

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