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1975 Topps Mini Baseball Complete Set

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1975 Topps Mini Baseball Complete Set

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Topps, in 1975, explored the commercial viability of a smaller-dimensioned parallel to their standard baseball production. Possibly inspired by Bowman’s issues of the early 1950s, they proceeded with resolve only to discover that such a format shouldn’t be continued because their acceptance in the initial market was tenuous. Today, in the pan style=”font-style: italic;”>collector market, their novelty has conversely assumed a measure of intrigue, and one such of these ’75 Mini sets is now available. There are isolated instances of condition that will necessitate upgrading, but this set is fundamentally EX/MT. Six of the more notable cards have been PSA-graded to realize – #’s 7 pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Ryan et al,pan style=”font-weight: bold;”> NM 7; 20 pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Munson,pan style=”font-weight: bold;”> NM 7; 223 pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Yount,pan style=”font-weight: bold;”> NM 7 (ST); 228 pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Brett,pan style=”font-weight: bold;”> NM 7 (ST); 320 pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Rose NM-MT 8 (OC); and 620 pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Carter,pan style=”font-weight: bold;”> NM 7. Of the ungraded star cards, we report – pan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>NM/better #’s 61 Winfield, 80 Fisk and 194 Mantle/Newcombe; pan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>EX/MT – #’s 260 Bench, 280 Yastrzemski (OC), 300 Jackson, 312 Ryan/Carlton, 450 McCovey, 600 Carew and 623 Hernandez; pan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>VG/EX-EX – #’s 1 Aaron (Highlight), 70 Schmidt, 150 Gibson, 185 Carlton, 195 Mantle/Aaron, 200 Mantle/Wills, 370 Seaver, 540 Brock, 580 Frank Robinson and 616 Rice; pan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>VG/reduced – #’s 5 Ryan (Highlight), 500 Ryan and 660 Aaron.

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