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1976 Montreal Olympics Bronze Medal – Awarded for Escrime (Fencing)

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1976 Montreal Olympics Bronze Medal – Awarded for Escrime (Fencing)

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From the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal comes this authentic bronze medal from the sport of escrime (fencing). The Graphics and Design Directorate were responsible for awarding the medals at the Montréal Games. This one measures 60 mm in diameter and 5.6 mm thick (124.8 grams). The symbols of Victory, Fraternity, and Universality are present and the face was designed by Giuseppe Cassioli who also designed for the Amsterdam Games in 1928.  The differences were the number of the Olympiad, the name of the host city, and the date. The winner of this medal competed in fencing and it appears on the rim as "Escrime." The reverse has an uncluttered laurel wreath of the ancient games and the 1976 Olympic emblem. To note, there is moderate discoloration (residue) on the reverse from the previous mounted display. (Most likely, an expert’s solvent would be able to remove it.)  A rainbow-colored ribbon is attached. This is one of only 381 bronze medals awarded at the Games. 



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