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1977 Philadelphia Phillies Team-Signed Ball (21 Sigs. w/Schmidt, Carlton etc.)

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1977 Philadelphia Phillies Team-Signed Ball (21 Sigs. w/Schmidt, Carlton etc.)

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Tom Underwood and Ted Sizemore were Phillies teammates in 1977 only, and their signatures on this ball then necessarily isolates its vintage to that season. The Phils were in full stride that year, leading the Senior Circuit with 101 victories, and in that winning spirit, 21 of them penned this souvenir baseball. Especially welcome on the ball are the two requisite superstar signatures – Steve Carlton who, during his career, generally demurred in signing anything, and Mike Schmidt whose signature on this ball is actually legible (as opposed to his evolved scribblings). The ball is abundantly clean, and its treasure of autographs details – Danny Ozark (sweet spot), Ray Rippelmeyer, Carroll Beringer, Tommy Hutton, Jerry Martin, Randy Lerch, Tom Underwood, Tim McCarver, Warren Brusstar,trong> Mike trong>Schmidt, Jim Lonborg, Gene Garber, Larry Christensen, Davey Johnson, Ted Sizemore, Bobby Tolan, Garry Maddox, trong>Steve Carlton, Bob Boone, Terry Harmon and Wayne Twitchell.

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1977,Ball,Philadelphia Phillies  Bob Boone,Bobby Tolan,Carroll Beringer,Danny Ozark,Garry Maddox,Gene Garber,Jerry Martin,Jim Lonborg,Larry Christensen,Mike Schmidt,Randy Lerch,Ray Rippelmeyer,Steve Carlton,Ted Sizemore,Terry Harmon,Tim McCarver,Tom Underwood,Tommy Hutton,Warren Brussta

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