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1978-79 Chicago Bears Multi-Signed Football (Payton)

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1978-79 Chicago Bears Multi-Signed Football (Payton)

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Walter Payton was just coming into his own when this white panel football was signed. At least 34 members of the Bears signed this commemorative football. We estimate the ball was signed between 1978 or ’79. The white panel features what appears to be red ballpoint signatures. Those signatures rate “7” in quality. The other autographs are much lighter “4-5”. We are pleased to report that Walter Payton signed the white panel and his autograph rates “7”. Those who autographed the ball include: Dan Jiggetts, Bob Parsons, Terry Schmidt, trong>Payton, Jim Osborne, Jerry Meyers, Greg Latta, Bob Thomas, Allan Ellis, Steve Schubert, Mike Hartenstine, Robin Earl, trong>Doug Buffone, Virgil Liven, Mike Spivey, Guy Campbell, Tom Hicks, Wally Chambers, Jack Pardee and others.

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1978,Ball,Chicago Bears,Commemorative,Football,Signed  Bob Parsons,Bob Thomas,Jack Pardee,Mike Hartenstine,Robin Earl,Tom Hicks,Wally Chambers,Walter Payton

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