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1978 Franco Harris Game-Worn Durene Steelers Jersey w/Five Team Repairs

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1978 Franco Harris Game-Worn Durene Steelers Jersey w/Five Team Repairs

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No matter how good your passing game is, a running game is essential for a team’s success. Pittsburgh’s Terry Bradshaw had Lynn Swann and John Stallworth as options when he was dissecting defenses. But it was the rough and tumble running of Franco Harris that brought the most success to the Steel City. Franco wasn’t the most flashy runner in the league. No, he chewed up yards at an alarming rate by running up the middle and taking on all defensive linemen. When he finished his career, he had a handful of Super Bowl rings (4) – having rushed for 12,120 yards and recording 91 touchdowns. Of course, the Steeler’s most memorable play also comes from the hands of the fan favorite. When all appeared to be lost in the Dec. 23, 1972 AFC divisional contest, Harris showed why he was the brightest of stars. The despised Raiders held a lead in the waning seconds and Pittsburgh was down to its potential last play of the game. Bradshaw drifted back on fourth-and-10, and unloaded a desperation heave in the direction of Frenchie Fuqua. The ball caromed off Fuqua, was scooped up by Harris who then galloped to the end zone for an improbable touchdown. This would be the Steelers’ first playoff win and set up four Super Bowl titles. Who knows, if Harris hadn’t been there, the Steelers may have never forged the dynasty they did.

This jersey was worn by the incomparable Hall of Famer in 1978, while rostered with possibly the finest Steelers team ever. That season saw the Steelers mow down the competition, finishing 14-2 in the regular season. The regular season was just a precursor to the playoffs though. Pittsburgh dominated the competition and outlasted the Dallas Cowboys in one of the more memorable Super Bowls. The offered durene jersey is tagged for use in 1978, and was most likely worn down the stretch. Early on, the Steelers would wear short-sleeved jerseys when the weather was still accommodating. When the snow started to fall in November and December, the team switched to a full-sleeve version. This is a full-sleeve jersey with built-in elbow reinforcements. Great use is shown on the shirt with five team repairs as the highlight. Denny Esken, a foremost authority in Steelers jerseys, has given his full validation to this garment. Four repairs appear on the front of the jersey with the biggest stitching (1") appearing between the front "3" and "2." A smaller repair is located near that repair as well. Another repair was made below the left shoulder and a fourth is located near the right shoulder. A final repair was effected on the verso, near the top of the "3" and "2." The numerals on the back are scuffed from the various hits Harris took. All of the identifiers show consistent and even use. The jersey doesn’t appear to have been restored. "HARRIS" is sewn to a nameplate in two-color yellow and black, and the numerals are sewn on in single-color black. Tail tagging includes a year tag and Medalist Sand Knit swatch. The Sand Knit tag is glue-affixed, while the year tag is sewn into the jersey. Both appear to be in their original order.

One of the finest Harris jerseys from an equally historic period for the Steelers.

100% Authentic Team

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