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1979 Baltimore Orioles World Series Press Pin

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1979 Baltimore Orioles World Series Press Pin

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Without the benefit of professional documentation, it’s highly uncommon that we ever advance any collectible as “Mint.” We seize on the exception, though, with this 1979 Baltimore World Series press pin. We first report that the pin bears absolutely no indication of handling or irresponsible exposure. But the engineering of this pin (and its resultant manufacture) was fraught with peril. The predominantly white enamel is commonly hampered by visible impurities, and the caption, “Orioles Fifth World Series”, usually has an errant veneer of enameling. Not only is this pin absolutely free of any such annoyances, but we also declare that all of its polished gold plating is perfect. It’s a standard needle-post pin, and it’s trong>Mint.

1979,Baltimore Orioles,Pin,Press,World Series 

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