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1980 Michael Jordan Autographed High School Yearbook (w/Period Signature)

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1980 Michael Jordan Autographed High School Yearbook (w/Period Signature)

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This Spinnaker yearbook from Laney High (Wilmington, North Carolina) is quite the delight with many feathered hairstyles and candid photos posed next to trees. The sports section featured the first glimpse of a star in his trademark element. Surprisingly, Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team until his junior year (1980) from which this yearbook dates. It’s unknown if his membership in the FCA (p. 187) or Spanish Club (p. 220) were of much benefit. However, two basketball pages with photos of Jordan furnish a preview to His Airness. On page 166, we witness Jordan releasing the rock, and the caption states "Stretching for a basket, Mike Jordan jumps high in an attempt to secure the two points."

The Jordan highlight, however, is discovered on page 167 with a fantastic dunk shot, "Mike Jordan excites the fans when he jams the ball." It only gets better as adjacently there’s a salutation and signature of the pre-Nike tenderfoot. The blue ballpoint writing is "9-10" and wonderfully legible. And he greets "To a very lovely young lady who meant A lot to me. See next year. Love Michael Jordan." As a side note, Jordan can also be found on page 9 as a beverage provider and 110 in the standard school photo pose. The overall condition of the volume is Near Mint and well preserved by its original owner (a certain "Sheri"), and there are other class member notations throughout to Sheri.

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