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1981 Pete Rose Game-Worn, Signed Phillies Jacket w/Photo Match

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1981 Pete Rose Game-Worn, Signed Phillies Jacket w/Photo Match

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Pete Rose game-used memorabilia has been plentiful in the marketplace for decades, as his club sold collectibles, and Pete himself was one of the first players to market his own game-used accessories. Those Rose items of solid and rising value always have a unique differentiator inherent in them, and this representation certainly fits that parameter.
A beautiful burgundy knit, zippered-front warm-up jacket, it sports a striped zip full collar. The sleeve ends and waist cuffs are similarly styled with dual white striping embedded into stretch ribbed knit. A Wilson [size] “44” (1979-85 era) label graces the inner collar. The club’s “P” logo in burgundy-on-white tackle twill adorns the left chest, and the “ROSE” nameplate is sewn onto the back, as appropriate, but the real prize is the “World Champions” logo sewn onto the right chest. It is custom applied using white 1” chain link styling on a tackle twill base.
The unique hand crest Championship designator worn by all the Phillies during the ensuing 1981 season can be photomatched exactly. The puckering between, and within, the letters “O-R-L-D,” and the “A”, “M”, “O” and “S” on “Champions” is an exact match. The same can be said of the inexact composition of the letters “A”, “M”, “S” and “W.” It doesn’t get better in the photo match front and the 8″ x 10″ photo match with picture of Rose is eminently displayable.
Additionally, an 8″ x 10″ black and white team picture shows all players, including Rose, wearing the jacket, and the picture also offers an exact photomatch of the jacket, most noticeably on the rippling of the “P” logo. The photo is also included in color from the two-page center of the Phillies’ 1981 yearbook.
Absolutely outstanding and truly a unique and valuable Rose game used piece. Rose has autographed the jacket in the collar. In the 124-year history of the Phillies franchise, there has been only one World Championship, and this jacket regally commemorates the feat.
Our consignor purchased the jacket ten years ago directly from Mike Schmidt’s agent, who, as a close friend of Pete Rose, was given the jacket at the end lf the 1981 season.
One of the great game-used gems in Phillies history.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, 100% Authentic Team, Ed Dolan, photo Match

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