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1984 Rick Dempsey Game-Used Catcher’s Mitt

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1984 Rick Dempsey Game-Used Catcher’s Mitt

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Rick Dempsey was a typical catcher – hard nosed, no-nonsense and a master at managing a pitching staff. The catcher who won World Series titles with the Orioles and Dodgers used this Rawlings HOH K3F mitt in 1984, a year after the O’s won a World Series title. Manufactured with “heart of the hide” leather, the glove is 34″ in circumference. The glove was made in ’84 as evidenced by the model number. This orange target mitt was first favored by Lance Parrish, who was also a Rawlings endorser. According the Denny Esken, the glove exhibits nice use, and doesn’t suffer the effects of minor league wear. In ballpoint, Dempsey inked his name (not an autograph) on the back of the web.

1984,Game-Used,Glove,Minor League,Mitt,World Series  Denny Esken,Lance Parrish,Rick Dempsey

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