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1985 Reggie Jackson Game-Worn Angels Batting Helmet from April 21 (from Original Owner)

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1985 Reggie Jackson Game-Worn Angels Batting Helmet from April 21 (from Original Owner)

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Even the biggest of stars has a bad day. Reggie Jackson is no different. On April 21, 1985, Reggie flew out harmlessly to end the fourth inning. In his angst, Jackson whipped his helmet into the dugout. Well, Mr. October intended for the helmet to fly into the dugout. Instead, it skipped over the dugout and hit youngster Todd Brown. Luckily for Jackson, Brown’s father was an Angels legal counsel so no lawsuit ensued. The 9-year old suffered only a minor scratch, but more importantly, he was allowed to keep the helmet of a future Hall of Famer. Jackson felt terrible about letting his temper get the better of him and gave the kid this helmet.

This helmet has been in young Brown’s possession since the incident. Included with the helmet is a photocopy of the Los Angeles Daily News sports section (Monday, April 22, 1985) which features Brown wearing the helmet. A story about Brown’s interesting day will be included as well.

The helmet showcases outstanding wear. We can assume that Jackson wore this helmet for much of the 1984 season. “44” (front in black) and “JAX” (verso in red) are dymo labeled on the shell. Although it was mandatory for players to wear ear flaps on their helmets in 1983, Jackson was grandfathered into the rule. This meant he had the choice to wear a helmet with, or without, a flap. The ABC sticker on the inside is nearly gone. Outstanding wear is apparent on the leather headband.

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