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1986 Morroco vs. Gremio Brasil Game-Worn Jersey #6

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The Casablanca Tournament was an international tournament of friendly character created in substitution to the Trophy Mohamed V, being that many historical records consider such a tournament a continuation of the previous one. The Mohamed V Trophy was disputed from 1962 to 1980, except 1971 and 1973, and was interrupted in 1981. The Casablanca Tournament began in 1986 and was also played in 1988 and 1989, when it was discontinued.

In 1986 Grêmio toured several countries abroad, taking advantage of his recent fame for winning the Club World Cup in 1983. The tour of that year would begin in Switzerland, passing through Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and finally Morocco. In this period the Immortal had disputed several friendly competitions, among them the Philips Cup and the Tournament of Berne.

For the competition in Casablanca the foreign clubs of the Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax, Grêmio Foot-Ball Port Alegrense and Royal Standard of Liège were invited, besides the local Forces Armées Royales of Rabat.

The Moroccan competition followed the same parameters of the international friendly competitions, with two teams in each key, facing each other in a single game for a place in the final of the tournament. In this way, Grêmio and the Ajax Amsterdam team were arranged in a key and the FAR Rabat and Standard Liège teams would face each other.

On August 19 Grêmio and Ajax faced each other, with the final result of 2×0 for the Tricolor, goals of Raul and Osvaldo. In the other semifinal on the same date, Standard de Liège beat FAR Rabat by 1×0.

In the dispute for the third place, Ajax would hit the Moroccan FAR Rabat team by the 4×1 score on 19 August. The next day, on August 20, 1986, Grêmio and Standard de Liège would face each other in search of the title of the competition, the first one played on African soil by Imortal. After a tough match, Grêmio was defeated by Standard Belgians, 2×0, leaving the gauchos with the tournament runner-up.

Presented is a match shirt worn by a member of the Moroccan side #6.  It is red and green with the team logo in greenish/gold (which has faded with age/use) on the chest. By the striping pattern on the shoulders, it is most likely made by Adidas. The verso features his jersey number “6” in green. Along with the tag in the collar of the shirt, the jersey shows tremendous wear and is well preserved from the historic battle. The shirt originated from a person that worked for the foe team (Gremio) club.

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team

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There are no reviews yet.

Be the first to review “1986 Morroco vs. Gremio Brasil Game-Worn Jersey #6”



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