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1986 Yankees Team-Signed Ball (Rickey Henderson, Mattingly)

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1986 Yankees Team-Signed Ball (Rickey Henderson, Mattingly)

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The 1980’s were almost a lost decade for the New York Yankees. The team didn’t win any World Series titles and had only two post season appearances during this time, something unheard of for the dominating Yanks. That doesn’t mean that the Yankees didn’t have big names inserted into the lineup. The majority of the signatures rate (“8-9”) and are applied in black ballpoint. This 1986 team-signed OAL (Brown) ball contains 26 signatures and includes: Mike Fischlin, Bob Tewksbury, Butch Wynegar, Lou Pinella, Ed Whitson, Doyle Alexander, Ken Griffey (2 times), Jeff Torborg, Tommy John, Dan Pasqua, Mike Armstrong, Don Mattingly, Mike Pagliarulo, Bob Shirley, Stump Merrill, Rickey Henderson, Mike Easler and Mel Hall.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, James Spence Authentication

1986,Ball,World Series,Yankees  Bob Shirley,Bob Tewksbury,Dan Pasqua,Don Mattingly,Doyle Alexander,Ed Whitson,Jeff Torborg,Ken Griffey,Lou Pinella,Mel Hall,Mike Armstrong,Mike Easler,Mike Fischlin,Mike Pagliarulo,Rickey Henderson,Tommy John

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