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1987-88 Michael Jordan Game-Worn Bulls Uniform

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1987-88 Michael Jordan Game-Worn Bulls Uniform

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Home mesh early-career complete uniform of His Airness. This jersey, an ’87-88 vintage, has all screened-on identifiers. Of importance is that the screening on the numerals has a denser mil depth than the “BULLS”, which was the norm, and the magic color NOB is in proper font with an extensive drop. The tail labeling is extensive dual Sand Knit highlighter exclusivity size “46”, and two swatches designating year “1987” and “3LB.” The interior side gusset seam identifies fabric content, wash instructions and site of origin. All of the tag tags have wavered consistently from multiple washings. The accompanying trunks have dual Sand Knit main labels (size 36), an “87” year swatch, and customization swatches for rise (2) and inseam (2). A well faded markered “23” rests upon the size label in proper location and font. Of particular note is this was the first season that Jordan wore the bigger shorts. Previously, NBAers had just worn the standard shorts. Jordan gamers from 1987 and ’88 are rarely ever offered. Overall, the wear is consistent. Seldom has a complete Jordan ’80s ensemble been offered.

100% Authentic Team

1987,Game-Worn,Uniform  Michael Jordan

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