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1987 Chris Hinton Game-Worn Colts Helmet (Also Used in Pro Bowl)

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1987 Chris Hinton Game-Worn Colts Helmet (Also Used in Pro Bowl)

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Chris Hinton, a beast of an offensive lineman, had an interesting career choice when his NFL days were behind him. The seven-time Pro Bowler, unlike most men 6-4, 300 pounders, chose to enter the wine business.

This battle-tested Colts helmet was worn by the star tackle in the mid ’80s, circa 1987. Deep gouges are visible on the white shell, complete with Colts horseshoe decals on the side with proper period mil depth. Even the center blue stripe is chipped in spots. "75" is decaled on the verso in the Colts oversized 3" font.

The NFL is very touchy about what is allowed on their game accessories. Four overlapping strips of electric tape are hand-painted with "HW" in white lettering. It is our guess this is Hinton’s personal tribute to someone dear to his heart. This may have been used in the Pro Bowl. An Air dual bladder system is revealed on the inside. "HINTON" is applied to a dymo label above the right inner ear hole, and "75" is written in black marker. Each of the mask fasteners, dated to 1985 including dual side cips, secure the heavily used facemask. Of note is the fact that the double fasteners clip backward, a style which was ceased for the most part circa 1984-85, but grandfathered and used by Hinton into late career.

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