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1987 Yankees Team-Signed Ball (Winfield, Mattingly, Rickey Henderson)

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1987 Yankees Team-Signed Ball (Winfield, Mattingly, Rickey Henderson)

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Two surefire Hall of Famers and one who could conceivably enter the Hall of Fame someday gave the New York Yankees all the star power they would need in 1987. While the formula of Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly and Rickey Henderson didn’t equal enough victories for postseason play, the batting lineup was still pretty imposing. The majority of the 23 black ballpoint signatures on this OAL (Brown) ball rate a perfect (“10”). While the ball is soiled, the signatures sparkle off this rare beauty. Those who signed the ball include: Ron Kittle, Ron Guidry, Rick Rhoden, Mike Easler, Jerry Royster, Pete Filson, Bill Gullickson, Cecilo Guante, Tommy John, Mark Salas, Claudell Washington, Mike Pagliarulo, Don Mattingly, Bob Tewksbury, Rickey Henderson, Lou Pinella, Dave Winfield and Dan Pasqua along with five others.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, James Spence Authentication

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