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1989-90 Clyde Drexler Game-Worn Blazers Jersey

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1989-90 Clyde Drexler Game-Worn Blazers Jersey

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With silky smooth moves, Clyde Drexler gained prominence in the mid ’80s and was heralded as one of basketball’s most high-flying acrobats. Drexler played 15 NBA seasons and scored 22,195 points to place him 20th on the all-time list. The most compelling Drexler storyline was always his open court game, where “Clyde the Glide” soared to the basket defying the laws of gravity to finish fast breaks with breathtaking dunks. The ten-time All-Star was voted to the NBA’s Top 50 All-Time team in 1996.

This early career representation was one of the Blazers’ most beautiful uniform styles. While the cross country style red and white striping has been a Blazers’ uniform staple for decades, the late ‘80s version also featured bold print, oversized full-block, two-color numbers, and a large, overly broad NOB font style. The lower left front tail includes four labels – a Sand Knit size 44 crown label, a Trailblazers exclusivity label, an “89” year swatch, and a 4” LB swatch. Most importantly, this ’89-90 jersey dates to an era when a superstar like Drexler would wear the same road jersey for 20 or 30 games. This one displays fabulous wear, exhibited through extensive identifier softness, excessive crinkling, and strong label wear. Score it a “10” in styling and in game use.

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