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1994 Troy Aikman Game-Worn Cowboys Jersey (w/75th Anniversary Patch)

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1994 Troy Aikman Game-Worn Cowboys Jersey (w/75th Anniversary Patch)

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Like Joe Montana and Tom Brady, Troy Aikman had a cool demeanor to him. If the game was on the line and a big play was essential, Aikman would surely make it happen. The Cowboys battled San Francisco for NFL supremacy in the mid ’90s. In the 1994 season, San Francisco had just enough to clip the Boys in a memorable NFC Championship affair. This jersey was worn by Aikman during the ’94 campaign. Linking this jersey to 1994 is the NFL 75th Anniversary patch on the left breast. The placement of the patch is correct for an Aikman gamer from the ’94 season. Both sleeve ends are open and feature diamond gusset inserts. The open sleeves match that of which Aikman preferred during this season. All of the identifiers are screened on in single-color royal blue. The verso “8” numeral has suffered degradation from contact. A brown substance (washed-out blood?) is apparent between the “I” and “K” on the NOB. Four tags are affixed in the tail: “94” swatch, Apex, and two suspended flag tags – size “48”, and “Long.”

100% Authentic Team

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