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1996 Fred McGriff Game-Worn Jersey w/World Series Patch, Signed COA 100% Authentic Team

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Winning Bid: $1,207.89

Winning Bid: $1,207.89

Auction ends: 2020-08-15 22:20
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Total price with Buyers Premium: $1,449.47

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This is a 1996 Atlanta Braves Fred McGriff Game-Used Jersey.  The jersey is a home white knit jersey with the BRAVES logo on the front of the jersey and player  “MCGRIFF” name on back.  The jersey bears the World Series patch which would be indicative that it was designated to be worn during the 1996 World Series. The jersey was worn by McGriff during regular season.  They could have put the patch on the jersey as the designator for the World Series. We are unable to conclusively match the jersey to the World Series games, however, a photo of Mcgriff in every inning during the games is not accessible.

Condition:  The condition of the jersey is in good condition.  There are no holes and or any excessive wear.  The NOB on back does look as though it may have had a repair or some stitching corrections.  The drop of the nameplate on the NOB near the “F” is lower than World Series Photos available on McGriff.  Note, that not all photos depict every inning of Fred McGriff during the 3 World Series Games that he played.  October 22-24, 1996.

Modification:  The 1996 game jersey does have appropriate modifications for McGriff.  The size “44” would be correct for McGriff.  The puckering on the sleeve cuff ends is correct.  The numeral and NOB font names are correct.  The button placement on the World Series Jersey show the button line to the left of the seam.   You can see button #2, and #3 are over to the left upon viewing the button line.  However, during the season, this button line style is seen being worn by other players.

Wear: The white jersey shows decent wear.   The jersey could have been worn during the regular season and shows signs of multiple game use. Neck shows some sweat and use throughout.

Tags:  The tags in the lower tail are correct.  Wilson “Prestige Teams” Tailored Exclusively for Prestige Teams by Wilson is sewn in with two flag tags size “44”  with 2″inch X-Length.  “96” year swatch is sewn underneath the Wilson tagging.

Photomatch:  Note that photos of McGriff are not available for every inning.  There are 2 differences from the photos available used for matching.  The actual nameplate,( the side of the “F”) is a little lower in comparison to the photos available in our database.   The button placement is to the left of the end seam in comparison of the jerseys worn by McGriff in the World Series.  Note that NOT all photos are available of McGriff in every inning.  This is important to note.

Provenance: There is a letter from California Sports Investments qualifying the jersey as a game-worn jersey from the World Series.

Size: The size of this jersey is ’44’ which would be correct for Fred McGriff.

Team Logo:  BRAVES is sewn onto the front.  This white home style was worn 3 times during the World Series on October 22, 23, 24th 1996.  1996 World Series Patch is sewn onto the right sleeve and has correct placement.

Player Lettering Size:  2 3/4″ NOB.  Nameplate: 11″

Numeral Font Size: 6 1/2″ -3″ Braves.   Tomahawk length: 11″ .  1/2 inch spacing bewteen the “s” on the front of the jersey and the tomahawk.

Signature:  Fred McGriff has signed the “7” on the back of the jersey

Cert Holo:  11228

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team

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Weight 2 lbs

1 review for 1996 Fred McGriff Game-Worn Jersey w/World Series Patch, Signed COA 100% Authentic Team

  1. Kieta

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1 review for 1996 Fred McGriff Game-Worn Jersey w/World Series Patch, Signed COA 100% Authentic Team

  1. Kieta

    Edited by Kieta New

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