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1996 Tony Gwynn NL Batting Champion Silver Bat

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1996 Tony Gwynn NL Batting Champion Silver Bat

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With one of the sweetest strokes ever witnessed in the game, Tony Gwynn collected his seventh batting crown in 1996. The laurels of that achievement are magnificently symbolized by the crafting of a silver bat under the aegis of Louisville Slugger. As has now become a very stately tradition, these 34″ bats are unique and ceremoniously tendered one to each league’s batting champion. To our knowledge, silver bats are not made in any quantity beyond one – they can’t be re-ordered or flaunted about as “salemen’s samples.” Succinctly, this is the one given to Gwynn following the ’96 season. And of special note – this glorious personal memento is utterly without blemish. With its mirror-like finish, it bears all the engravings of one of his conventionally ordered bats, complete with simulated autograph. But most captivating is the caption placed on the barrel announcing “Batting Champion 1996 National League B.A. .353.” While Gwynn has all of his Silver Bats this one was probably re-ordered by the Hall of Famer but is still a true hobby rarity. Virtually Mint condition.

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