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1997 Mark McGwire Game-Worn Cardinals Helmet

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1997 Mark McGwire Game-Worn Cardinals Helmet

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Baseball needed something, anything, to help get it back on the sporting map after the 1994 strike. In 1998, Mark McGwire helped bring baseball back to the forefront with his spirited chase of Roger Maris’ record. This size “7 5/8” helmet was worn by Big Mac after he joined the team in ’97. After starting the season in Oakland, McGwire played in 51 games with the Cards. Although the helmet was made in Dec. of 1991 (according the manufacturer’s wheel on the inside), this is clearly acceptable according to one Cardinals memorabilia expert. Our source says it’s common for the Cards to use old helmets when they acquire a player during the season. Also factor in Big Mac’s huge helmet size. Of special mention are the “25” decals affixed on the front and back – both of which are crafted in single-color white. A year later, the decals were of the two-color variety. A 100% Authentic Team certificate will be signed by the well-known Cards expert. A size sticker is affixed on the inside. “7 5/8” is also written in silver paint pen. The helmet shows decent use.

100% Authentic Team

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