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19th Century R & S Artistic Series Baseball Complete Set

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19th Century R & S Artistic Series Baseball Complete Set

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The ten cards comprising a complete set of these 19th Century die cuts intended to report uniform styles rather than specific players. In some advanced collecting circles, they’re known as ‘R & S Artistic Series,’ and thought to have appeared in 1888. Their vertical dimensions range about 2″ to 3″, and it’s known that they were sold as free-standing merchandise (as opposed to a product insert or a premium). The American Card Catalog doesn’t specifically cite the issue, but we can only assume that Burdick was satisfied to group them in the generalized designation, Y95. Lightly embossed and crisply detailed, these cards are reminiscent of the issue erroneously called ‘Scrapps Tobacco,’ however, these are intensely scarcer. They were sold as perforated sheets of 20 (to include duplicate figures). If, in fact, these emerged in 1888, then their representations include six National League teams and four from the American Association. We care to emphasize the condition of this presented set. By design, all of the cards have extremely vulnerable features and, particularly, all of them have a very delicately cored dimension of some sort. Further, many of these were created with precarious extensions – arms and bats – which, in most die cut productions, are invariably damaged to some degree. However, this offered set remains in remarkable condition. Only with the aid of abundant light can we detect even a minor crease – quite excusable, considering the vintage and sensitivity of these cards. And so, for the collector appreciating genuine scarcity and exclusive condition, we itemize: NM/better – Philadelphia, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Pittsburg and Boston; EX-EX/MT – New York, Detroit and St. Louis; and VG/EX-EX – Chicago and Indianapolis.

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