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2003 Lance Armstrong Tour de France Yellow Podium-Worn Jersey

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2003 Lance Armstrong Tour de France Yellow Podium-Worn Jersey

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Accomplished athletes routinely make an impact on their field, but only rarely do they make positive splashes outside their field of expertise. For all that Lance Armstrong has done for cycling, he may be known more for what he has done away from the bicycling world. In 1997, the internationally renowned Armstrong found himself battling a life-threatening malignancy. Even though things weren’t looking good, he kept biking and staying in tremendous shape. Miraculously, Armstrong won his first of six Tour de France races. Armstrong didn’t stop with one win though. He has strung together six straight Tour victories, and in the process has brought cycling into the limelight of global sport. The Tour de France is broken down into stages. When a cyclist wins a stage he is presented with a “race kit” when they win the overall leaders jersey. Each kit includes a vest, one short-sleeve jersey, one long-sleeve jersey, one jacket and if the rider wants, arm and leg warmers. When Armstrong was in the midst of winning the 2003 Tour, he wore this jersey. Nike, who manufactures these special jerseys, does not make these available to the public, and the race jerseys can be zipped up from the back. It was made of 100% polyester and comes with a photo match of Armstrong wearing the jersey. All three of the racing jerseys in this auction were obtained from Autographed Cycling Jerseys, the foremost racing experts in the industry. Joe Taylor, the owner, is a racer and his collection boasts an extensive number of race-worn, podium-worn and signed racing jerseys.

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