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2005 Derrick Brooks Game-Used Buccaneers Jersey (w/Brooks Letter)

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2005 Derrick Brooks Game-Used Buccaneers Jersey (w/Brooks Letter)

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Derrick Brooks enters his twelfth NFL season – with nine Pro Bowls under his belt and a ton of wear on jersey after jersey. This one, from 2005, is special because it remains in spot-washed condition, and it features the club’s 30th Anniversary patch on the left shoulder.
A panorama of color stylizes this jersey – in the form of triple sewn-on numerals, black contrasting sleeve cuffs and V-neck, five-color sleeve logos and a single-color NOB.
The tail is cut and tapered (as is Brooks’ style), and the requisite 05-44 year/size swatch (with a markered “8”) remains in the collar. The wear is light (with no repairs) and the numerals remain crisp, but turf paint remnants are visible on the left shoulder, and the left “5” of the verso has some dings and surface degradation.

The six-color shoulder patch is beautifully designed and a welcomed differentiator for the Bucs’ ’05 jerseys. If Brooks never plays another down, he’ll still get the nod from Canton.

100% Authentic Team, Letter From Derrick Brooks

2005,Game-Used,Jersey,NFL  Derrick Brooks

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