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2005 Jason Ferguson Game-Used Cowboys Jersey (w/Team Letter WeTrak)

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2005 Jason Ferguson Game-Used Cowboys Jersey (w/Team Letter WeTrak)

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Nose tackles don’t command much attention except for commentary of their unusually wide girth. Jason Ferguson is a nose tackle on the highest order who helps provide the first line of defense for the Dallas Cowboys. Ferguson wore this [size] “52” shirt in 2005 as he gobbled up ball carriers at a feverish pace. The right dazzle cloth shoulder yoke features one noticeable hit mark. All of the single-color royal blue identifiers have puckered and frayed from use. Customizations include vertical shoulder/yoke pleats, hemmed sleeve ends and an eyelet sewn into the inner V-neck. A Reebok tag is affixed in the tail with two suspended flag tags: size and “6” L.B.” Concrete authentication comes via a Cowboys (Game Exclusives) team letter.

Team Letter, 100% Authentic Team

2005,Ball,Game-Used,Jersey,Letter  Jason Ferguson

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