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2006-07 Cameron Maybin Game-Used Bat

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2006-07 Cameron Maybin Game-Used Bat

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Cameron Maybin has bragging rights over Roger Clemens. The up-and-comer had his first big league hit and homer off the future Hall of Famer in 2007. Talk about starting your career off with a bang. The youngster used this X-Bat (34″ and 32.2 ounces) in either 2006 or ’07. A healthy 12-1/2″ crack (slight chipping) runs from the handle to the American flag sticker which approaches the trademark. Outstanding game use is visible on the barrel with ball marks on all angles, along with white and blue baseball transfer marks. Heavy pine tar application is evident on the handle.

100% Authentic Team, PSA Bats-John Taube Auction Letter

2006,Ball,Baseball,Bat,Game-Used  Cameron Maybin,Roger Clemens

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