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2006 (Nov. 12) Patrick Crayton Game-Used, Unwashed Cowboys Uniform (w/Team Letter)

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2006 (Nov. 12) Patrick Crayton Game-Used, Unwashed Cowboys Uniform (w/Team Letter)

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Patrick Crayton is destined to be on an NFL roster for a long time. The seventh-round draft pick has continued to improve for the Cowboys. Although he stuck behind Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens on the depth chart, Crayton is still a valued commodity for the ‘Boys. This jersey/pants combination was worn by Crayton on Nov. 12, 2006 when he grabbed five passes for a career-best 104 yards and a score, and this has been his best game yet with the Cowboys. Outstanding wear is exhibited on the unwashed combo. Grass stains abound on the dazzle cloth shoulder yokes, and a helmet decal/facemask scrape is apparent on the verso “8.” All of the identifiers are applied in single-color royal blue to the mesh jersey. Spandex inserts are sewn into the sides and the jersey is hemmed above the tag line. Three identifiers are located in the collar: “06-46”, Prova Group, and a Prova identification number. The pants, which also show tremendous wear, are also offered. A Cowboys (Game Exclusives) letter is provided for validity.

Team Letter, 100% Authentic Team

2006,Helmet,Jersey,Letter,NFL,Uniform  Patrick Crayton,Terrell Owens,Terry Glenn

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