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2006 (Nov. 5) Drew Bledsoe Game-Used, Unwashed Cowboys Uniform (w/Team Letter)

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2006 (Nov. 5) Drew Bledsoe Game-Used, Unwashed Cowboys Uniform (w/Team Letter)

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Drew Bledsoe is the best setup man in NFL history. In 2000, it was his injury which paved the way for Tom Brady to assume the reins with the Patriots. This year, Bledsoe gave way to Tony Romo midway through the season. Bledsoe wore the offered uniform as he patrolled the sidelines and helped mentor the young Romo in the Redskins game of Nov. 5, 2006. Decent wear is exhibited on the front with noticeable puckering and fraying on the two-color tackle twill identifiers. The dazzle cloth shoulders and sleeve ends give way to an all-mesh body. Stretch spandex is inserted into the sides for added QB comfort. Both sleeve ends are custom fit to Bledsoe’s liking. Tail tagging includes a mildly ruckled Reebok tag and [size] “50” designator. Three tags are prominetly displayed in the collar: “05-50”,, and Prova’s identification number. The shiny silver pants which Bledsoe wore are also a part of this wardrobe. Authentication comes via a Cowboys (Game Exclusives) letter.

Team Letter, 100% Authentic Team

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