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2008 Darren McFadden Game-Used Cleats w/Raiders LOA (Copy)

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2008 Darren McFadden Game-Used Cleats w/Raiders LOA (Copy)

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Darren McFadden busted through holes and shifted through the defense in this pair of size "13" Nike shoes. It appears this type of Nike offering was the style of choice for McFadden during the early stages of 2008. There is a Getty Image (82067142)  of McFadden wearing this exact style in practice. Authentication comes via a copy of a signed letter from McFadden on Raiders letterhead. The original LOA will accompany the McFadden game-worn jersey, also featured in this auction.

The use is splendid as there are scuff marks and white field chalk as well on the heels. Light soil/grass is visible on the tips of the shoes. Sock pilling marks are evident in the inner heel of both. There are also black scuff marks on the left shoe’s side.

100% Authentic Team, Player’s Letter Copy

2008,Footwear,Game-Used,Game-Worn,Letter,Signed  Darren McFadden

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