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2008 Ron Blomberg Old Timers Game-Issued Yankees Jersey

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2008 Ron Blomberg Old Timers Game-Issued Yankees Jersey

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Former Yankee great Ron Blomberg was issued this size “48” jersey for the 2008 Yankee’s Old Timer’s Day contest. Since this is the final Old Timer’s Game at Yankee Stadium, Blomberg will never appear in a game at the House that Ruth Built again. A “Blomberg 12 48 08” swatch appears in the collar. Tail tagging includes a Majestic tag, “2008” (year) label and size flag designator. Sewn in the inner side gusset is Majestic’s “0062” inventory code. The sleeves sport patches: 2008 All-Star (right) and Yankee Stadium 1923-2008 (left).
We have determined this is game-issued because there is no memorial band on the left sleeve end.

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