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25,000+ Instant Sports Card Collection (Modern)

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25,000+ Instant Sports Card Collection (Modern)

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Offered is a large collection of modern (80s-00s with small sprinkle of vintage) 25k+ baseball cards with a substantial size and weight. Boxes unsearched (overall, in general) but spot checked for examples of card variety. Exact count is unknown and there’s likely duplication (aplenty) with stars, minor league and commons from all the major brands included.

1) Shoe box: 1989 Score & 1988 Donruss

2) Mid-size shoe box (approx. 3k count box filled): 1992 Topps Traded Set (sealed), 1994 Donruss Leaf, 1993 Fleer, 1988 Fleer and others.

3) 5000 count filled: 1990s misc. includes team groups of Royals, Cubs, Dodgers, Pirates, Padres, Angels, many farm teams and others – player groups of Joe Carter, Bobby Bonilla, Ellis Burks, Albert Belle, Carlos Baerga, Jose Cruz, Jr. etc.

4) 5000 count filled: Misc. E-J last name rainbow-like variety.

5) 5000 count filled: Misc. K-P last name, Player groups of Alomar Brothers, Brady Anderson, Paul Konerko (30+ with majority rookies) and others.

6) 5000 count filled: Misc. A-D last name, 1993 Leaf, Donruss Triple Play etc.

7) 5000 count filled: Misc. R-Z last name with rainbow variety.

1988,1989,1992,1993,1994,Baseball,Card,Footwear,Minor League  Albert Belle,Bobby Bonilla,Brady Anderson,Carlos Baerga,Ellis Burks,Joe Carter,Jose Cruz,Paul Konerko

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