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2nd Annual Ernie Banks Golf Classic Trophy

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2nd Annual Ernie Banks Golf Classic Trophy

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Shortly after his retirement (and quite before his call from Cooperstown), Ernie Banks pledged much of his energy to civic duty. Specifically, he coordinated the fulfillment of the Ernie Banks Golf Classic – a benefit tournament for advancing research in sickle cell anemia. It’s from the 2nd Annual gathering of that event (October 1, 1973) that this trophy derives. We know that it was Banks who provided the energy for this tournament and that Miller Brewing provided the funding. However, we don’t know the venue or the winner of that particular contest. The trophy, by contrast, is a conspicuous and opulent creation. Standing nearly two feet high (and seven inches square at the base), it bears a plaque on the substantial wooden riser to proclaim the particulars. Proceeding upward, the closed cup is topped by a Miller High Life logo, and the summit is fashioned as a figural golfer, naturally. The overall condition is about VG – there are no compromises in the integrity or shaping of any of the material or contours, but the plated surfaces have, over the decades, sustained moderate tarnishing with a couple areas of visible pitting.

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