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3 x 5 Non-Sport Collection

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3 x 5 Non-Sport Collection

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As a unit, we offer this collection of postcard-sized non-sport cards. There are four different productions represented here to include: A) 1961 set of Milton Bradley “Steamboats.” Complete set of 40 in original box which is EX. The cards are numbered with narrative on the reverse, and all are EX/MT/better; B) 1960 Ed U Cards “Famous People” vol. 2. The box is VG/EX. The set is partial (45 of 56 cards), all EX/MT/better; C) Early 1950’s ‘glowing’ rocket cards. Numbered 1 through 4, these may be the complete production, copyright – Chester Gore (blank back), all NM/better; and D) 1964 Ed U Cards “John F. Kennedy.” Complete set of 42 (no box). A couple of these are off-condition, but nearly all are EX/better.

1960,1961,1964,Card  Milton Bradley

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