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A 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Game-Used Match Ball. Germany v Argentina (1-0). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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A 2014 FIFA World Cup Game-Used Match Ball from the FINAL between Germany & Argentina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 13, 2014.  Germany triumphed over Lionel Messi and Argentina 1-0 in added extra-time on a Mario Gotze goal in the 113th minute of play.  This official Adidas Brazuca match ball was on hand in the stadium and was used during match play.  The ball was immediately collected after the match by FIFA officials, and was stamped with a decal denoting the ball as an official match used ball (Please see photos to see this detail).  This particular ball was given to a CONMEBOL (South American Governing Body) official after the match.  The ball is accompanied by a FIFA Certificate.  Both the framed certificate and the stamp on the ball act as authentication for this spectacular ball.

Upon close inspection, you will come to find the following signs of use throughout this ball:  Contact markings are visible throughout.  Some minor scuffs/scrapes exist, but overall, the ball remains in very clean condition.  A few small smudges are evident.  All logos and markings are still clear and visible.  Normal age/wear for a ball used during a portion of one match.  Ball holds air/shape perfectly well. 


Please take a moment to review the authentication notes provided, as well as the provided photographs.

1.  FIFA provided an estimated 10-15 official match balls for each match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  Each match featured a match ball with details laser printed to the front of the ball which would detail the teams playing, the date & location of the match.  These balls were not sold to the general public, and were only presented to match officials for use in each match.

2.  The FINAL featured a slightly different Brazuca design.  The color of the balls used in the final match were black, gold and green compared to the more colorful balls used during the rest of the tournament.

3.  Ball match details state:  13 July 2014 Final; Germany – Argentina; Rio De Jeneiro, Estadio do Maracana.  Unlike retail balls sold with aftermarket match details printed the official match balls featured these details printed directly onto the ball material.  Aftermarket balls featured a sticker that could be felt with to the touch.

4.  As has been a tradition since 2006, FIFA officials collect as many match balls as possible after each match (excluding balls taken by players, staff, balls lost in the stands, etc) and immediately mark them as “USED”.  FIFA then distributes the balls to local charities, auctions, officials, VIP guests, etc.  This stamp for 2014 was a sticker/decal type application that is pressed onto the ball.  The stamp reads:  “Official Match Ball.  Used.  2014”.  In the center of the decal it reads:  “Brazuca Offiical Match Ball”.  This decal/stamp does not exist anywhere else, and is only applied by FIFA officials on site of the tournament for balls used during matchplay.

5.  Appropriate Adidas identifiers throughout, production codes, etc.

6.  The certificate is presented in an exquisite framed presentation.  Wood frame with archival glass. 

7.  Note:  1 ball for each match featured a “Kick Off” logo that the remaining balls on the field did not have.  This logo was printed on one ball that was to be on display as the teams walked out for the 1st half of play, and the referee would grab this ball and put it on the center circle for the opening kick-off.  That ball would then be circulated into play with the rest of the official match balls that were also used on the field.  Only 1 ball for each match carried this logo, the remaining balls all did not feature this logo.  This ball does not feature the kick off logo.

Absolutely exquisite museum-quality example on offer.  A truly iconic and important match ball from the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil.  A hard-fought match between Germany and Lionel Messi’s Argentina squad.  Superb provenance, coming direct from FIFA and CONMEBOL officials.  Absolutely rare item on offer.

1 review for A 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Game-Used Match Ball. Germany v Argentina (1-0). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  1. Saddam Zaid

    Superb ball

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1 review for A 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Game-Used Match Ball. Germany v Argentina (1-0). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  1. Saddam Zaid

    Superb ball

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