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Aerosmith “Rocks” (Complete Band) Signed Album

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Aerosmith “Rocks” (Complete Band) Signed Album

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A record album cover is the superlative medium for a recording artist to pen his or her signature on. Many artists are delighted to sign their own creation. The signed album cover is decidedly visible and can be superbly displayed. Offered is a wonderful assortment of signed contemporary album covers. If otherwise noted all have been signed using a dark felt tip pen for optimum contrast with the cover art, all are signed on the front cover, and all are signed directly on the covers surface. All are in NRMT condition. We are very pleased to offer such a generous assortment.

The offered album “Rocks” by the bad boys of Aerosmith was signed by all five members. The signatures of Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton and Brad Witford are the most visible and legible. The Steven Tyler signature was penned in the black area of the cover but is visible with an adjunct light source. The Joe Perry signature is slightly smuged on the letter “J.” The original inner sleeve and vinyl record are included.

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