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Ancient Catcher’s Mask

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Ancient Catcher’s Mask

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With nary a hint as to who made this catcher’s mask, we’re led to interpret that it dates to the turn of the century. It’s of the so-called “spider” genre, protruding about 4″ to the nose. The “cushioning” appears to be only the canvas – flanking each cheek – which, in turn, is fastened to the wire network by its original cord. The wire integrity is maintained by heat-formed bending (there’s no welding or soldering). There is no padding or head strap, and it appears that there never was, either. (It seems that the mask was held in position with the catcher’s free right hand by the lowermost wire at the chin.) Overall, this antique is in rough condition. The piece is firmly intact, but all of the wire bears some measure of surface rust. The canvas material has substantially deteriorated, but remains fully affixed. Despite its liabilities in condition, this is one of the oldest masks ever to become available.

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