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Andy Russell Game-Worn Jersey 1976 Steelers – Grade: 10 COA 100% Authentic Team & Mears A10

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Winning Bid: $2,662.00

Winning Bid: $2,662.00

Auction ends: 2022-02-19 23:00
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Total price with Buyers Premium: $3,194.40

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Authentication Status:  PASS  Grade:  10

This is a 1976 Steelers Andy Russell Game-Worn Black Home Durene Jersey. This is an amazing representation of Steelers Durene Jersey.  The Durene Style jerseys are one of the most desirable jerseys in the football collecting world.  This jersey was in the Steelers “Hey Day”

Unfortunately, the NFL did not keep track of stats during Andy Russell’s career, otherwise, he would be in the HOF right now.  Russell played on the greatest defense of all time with some of the greatest defenders of all time including Jack Lambert and Jack Hamm.  He was an early member of Pittsburgh’s famed Steel Curtain defense and was named the Steelers’ MVP in 1971. He made seven Pro Bowl appearances—in 1969 and from 1971 through 1976—and earned two Super Bowl rings in Super Bowl IX and Super Bowl X. On December 27, 1975, he set the NFL playoff record for a returned touchdown–93 yards in a Three Rivers Stadium victory over the Baltimore Colts. Some have claimed it as the longest football play from scrimmage in time duration this was the last year that Russell appeared on the field with the Steelers ending his illustrious career with the 3 Time Super Bowl Team (at that time).

Condition:  The black durene jersey exhibits use and wear.  The jersey is in excellent condition.

Wear:  There is fair use on the jersey for Russell’s position as a linebacker.  A jersey from this position would naturally be ridden with tons of wear, whereas in this jersey the wear is evident.  Solid use is exhibited by the staining on the front and back numeral “3”, the pilling and threading on the numerals, the wear would be considered fair. There are definite thread identifiers throughout the durene jersey.

Photo Match: This Steeler Durene jersey style is concurrent with photos during the 1976 season, as well as other jerseys that have been sold in the industry from this era.  The 3/4 sleeve style and yellow/white striping pattern also match the photos from the games of the era.  The NOB “RUSSELL” and player identifier “34” also matches the photos of the games during 1976.  The style font, letter placement and collar style also are correct as per the photo styles of the era. We have provided educational photos of the Steelers during the era for photo style match.   There is not enough video or photos of Russell to photo match this jersey although there are some identifiers that would be considered a possible match.  On the right-hand shoulder, there is threading on the “4” shown on photos of Russell which is consistent with threading in the same area on this jersey.

Provenance:  This jersey was sourced from the Steelers directly.  Sourcing is stated.

Tagging:   The jersey tagging is correct.  The year tag “76” is correct style and is also sewn on correctly.  Adjacent to the year tag, is the Sand Knit tag with size “46”.  There are other examples of Andy Russell Gamer with the correct Size 46.

To note, during this era and based on examplers of 1976 Steelers gamers, the Medalist Sand-Knit Size tags were glued onto the tail of the jersey.  This may seem shocking at first, but then after researching you would be able to see other Steelers tagging that the glue remnants still exist, but the tag has fallen off the tail of the jerseys, proving that the Steelers glued the tags onto the tail of the shirt.

There is a Sand Knit Steelers Exclusivity tag sewn in the collar of the shirt.  This also matches the 1976 Dwight White Game Worn Steelers Jersey which has the same tagging in the collar as this Andy Russell.

Authentication: Mears & 100% Authentic Team- (Denny Eskin Steeler Expert has been part of our team.)

Andy Russell Game-Worn Jersey Steelers


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Weight 2 lbs


Game-Used Auth Status


Total Grade



5. = Wear-Lots of use, great use, no repairs


2 = Appears used, unwashed or un-reconditioned -right off the field


2 = 2 or more modifications or attributes designed for/by player


4 = Positive direct match on all tags


1 = Stated item sourced from Locker Room or Team-, 2 = Lineage of item directed toward locker room or team.


Player Account of Wearing Jersey, 1 = Style Match, 2 = Possible Photo Match

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1 review for Andy Russell Game-Worn Jersey 1976 Steelers – Grade: 10 COA 100% Authentic Team & Mears A10

  1. Marko

    Edited by Marko Vassil

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