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Angelo Dundee Letters, Gym Bell and Signed Book…

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Up for auction are letters (Typed) from Angelo Dundee (late 70's to early 80's) All have his signature , Angelo…  One is all hand written on the back of a restaurant placemat from somewhere in Portland Maine, with an envelope to match. There are a total of 30 letters signed by Angelo, and 5 others from his forever and ausome seceretary Betty Mitchell. Most of these letters pertain to the boxing timer company that Angelo endorsed and was very close to,and much personal stuff too. There are 9 that make reference to Sugar Ray Leonard.  One letter (1979) is a signed thank you letter from Tony Zale to the Pacer Company for sending a gym bell pro bono. Also in the mix is an actual Pacer boxing timer that still works like a champ,Im thinking its from the early 80's,along with an original Pacer flyer. And last, a signed book from Angelo " I Only Talk Winning" on the inset.. It states  " It costs nothing to be nice,but it makes you feel like a million"   Its all a one shot deal !!!!   I have added several pics for viewing, and feel free with any questions….       Cheers,  Danny Myers

                     A letter below gives a brief description of why and how all this fits together


     Angelo Dundee took me into his life and under his wing in the late '70s, he marveled at the Pacer Boxing Timer I designed, built and marketed in Ring Magazine and wanted to be involved in the business "Just because I was a nice guy", what a blessing to me he was.

     He endorsed the Pacer and talked it up wherever he went, he pulled strings and got full page adds in Ring Magazine at no cost many times.

     He never wanted any monetary compensation, only the understanding that I'd send a free Pacer to the "poor" gyms of his choice which I was glad to do, he also had me send gym timers to people like Ali, Tony Zale, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ernie Shavers, Roberto Duran and others.

     He took me all over and introduced me to the biggest people in boxing and I had the pleasurable experience of working corners with him in big fights.

     We had countless conversations about fighters, the Pacer and life itself.

     So many letters were exchanged, I managed to keep the ones I offer but so many got lost in the shuffle.

     I presented him with a plaque inscribed with the words "Bless Angelo Dundee, living proof that nice guys do make it"  (mentioned by Mike Winter in the forward of his book, "I only talk winning")

                            Sincerely,     Don Myers


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There are no reviews yet.

Be the first to review “Angelo Dundee Letters, Gym Bell and Signed Book…”



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