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Apollo Crew Signed 8×10’s (4) 2 Crew, 1 Postcard w/3 sigs, 2 Richard Gordon 8×10’s

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Apollo Crew Signed 8×10’s (4) 2 Crew, 1 Postcard w/3 sigs, 2 Richard Gordon 8×10’s

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A space package that is out of this world! Four 8″ X10″ signed photos of the astronauts in the Appollo 12 mission, all Ex/mt, and and a 6″X4″ postcard, GD, taken during the Gemini IV flight in early June, 1965. The postcard is frayed to a small extent around its edges and shows some signs of wear and tear in its upper right hand corner. The picture shows the earth’s terrain as it appeared from the space vehicle from a position in the skies of looking toward the sun. The package also includes two pictures of astronaut Richard Gordon by himself and two pictures of Gordon with his two crew mates on the flight, the late Charles (Pete) Conrad and Alan Bean. One of the signed photos of the trio has an Alan Bean signature deemed to be an autopen by PSA/DNA. The astronauts used heavy black ink to autograph their group photo and their penmanship shows up well against the backdrop of their white space suits. In the duplicate photos in which Gordon is by himself, he again used a thick black pen against the whiteness of his suit. The Apollo 12 mission was the second manned flight to the moon. The mission landed on the moon on Nov. 19, 1969 and returned to Earth on Nov. 24. Conrad, the flight commander, died in a motorcycle accident in 1999, which means pictures of himself with either of his two crew mates – Gordon, the command module pilot, and Bean, the lunar module pilot – are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

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