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Archie Moore Signed Boxing Glove and Trunks

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Archie Moore Signed Boxing Glove and Trunks

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Archie Moore holds the world record for delivering the most knockouts in a career. The ageless Moore also holds the distinction as the only pugilist to face Marciano and Clay (though he lost to both). Of the former, pundits of the ring whispered that Rocky retired under the pall of having to face Moore a second time – really, the only man who threatened to blemish Marciano’s unbeaten record. In any event, as he basked in retirement, Archie Moore gratified one admirer in signing these two pristine accessories. The first of these are a pair of Everlast trunks (“L”) which are to regulation. The signature, placed in dark blue felt tip against the white satin material, is flawless – no bleeding – it’s distinctively “9-10”. The second is a 14 oz. Everlast glove, and he signed the broad expanse of the “sweet spot.” This is a black felt tip signature projecting at about “8-9”.

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