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Arthur Ashe Signed Photo

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Arthur Ashe Signed Photo

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Hard to believe he’s been gone well over a decade now. Benevolent, unassuming and averse to the spotlight, trong>Arthur Ashe was truly a champion in his element, and a global gentleman of the first order. He fairly commanded the tennis court in his age, but there appeared a congenital heart condition that abruptly ended his professional career. The final tragedy in this otherwise bountiful life, is that Ashe unwittingly contracted AIDS by way of a blood transfusion during his surgical odyssey. In a less despairing time, he played the role of frontman for ProServ, a sports management concern based in Washington D. C. And it was likely in that period when he provided one admirer with his autograph on this promotional photo. The medium is 5″ x 7″, and it’s in NM/MT condition. The signature was placed in ballpoint, and Ashe considerately chose a uniformly light-background area to sign, ultimately yielding a splendidly legible “trong>9-10” autograph.

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