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Astronauts Multi-Signed Group (John Glenn)

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Astronauts Multi-Signed Group (John Glenn)

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Moon-walkers are some of the toughest and most sought-after autographs in the hobby. This collection of four items signed by Gordon Cooper, John Glenn and Dave Scott will launch anyone’s astronaut collection to another level. Offered here is a 4″ x 6 1/2″ blue ink signature (“9”) by Cooper and a blue felt-tip designation (“6″) on a 16″ x 20″ color photo by Scott. Glenn placed his signature perfectly on two items, a hard-cover copy of his memoirs (personalized to Danielle) and a 4″ x 6” cut of him with President John F. Kennedy.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Astronaut,Photo,Presidential,Signed  Dave Scott,Gordon Cooper,John Glenn

Auction End: 10-Aug-05  Post Views: 1644

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