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Autographed Negro League Lot-18 8x10s and 13 Baseballs

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Autographed Negro League Lot-18 8x10s and 13 Baseballs

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Offered is a spectacular signed lot of Negro League Legends. 18 8″ X 10″ photos and 13 baseballs have been signed by these history-makers. Photos include: Buck Leonard, Leon Day, Ray Dandridge, Felix Delgado, Wilmer Fields (2), Jim Cohen, Garnett Blair, Red Moore, Lyman Bostock Sr., Bobby Robinson, Armondo Vazquez, Wilmer Harris, Mahlon Duckett, Ted Radcliffe, Lester Lockett, Bill “Ready” Cash ad Johnny Washington. Balls include: Buck O’Neil (3) (Museum ball), Judy Johnson OAL (Mac Phail) (7/10), Pancho Herrera ONL (Coleman), Lou Dials OAL (Brown), Larry Doby OAL (Budig), Ted Radcliffe ONL (Coleman), Jose Piloto OAL (Budig), Max Manning ONL (Coleman), Peanut Johnson OAL (Budig), Buck Leonard OAL (Budig) and a multi-signed ball with Leonard, Wright, Radcliffe etc. unofficial ball. Signatures average 9/10 and very few balls have staining. Very attractive lot.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Ball,Baseball,Photo,Signed  Bobby Robinson,Buck Leonard,Felix Delgado,Garnett Blair,Jim Cohen,Johnny Washington,Judy Johnson,Larry Doby,Leon Day,Lester Lockett,Lou Dials,Lyman Bostock,Mac Phail,Max Manning,Ray Dandridge,Ted Radcliffe,Wilmer Fields,Wilmer Harris

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