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“B” Movie Lobby Card Collection (10)

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“B” Movie Lobby Card Collection (10)

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Offered is a collection of ten “B” movie lobby cards. Chronologically, there are included: trong>1) 1954 Duel in the Jungle (VG with the bottom left corner torn as well as a tear on the base fixed with tape); trong>2) 1955 We’re No Angels, Bogart (VG/EX with tack marks on the corners); trong>3) 1956 The Last 10 Days (NM/MT); trong>4) 1957 Docu-drama Guns Don’t Argue (EX/MT); trong>5) 1961 The Colossus of Rhodes (NM); trong>6) 1962 Night Creatures (NM/MT); trong>7) 1963 Wall of Noise, Suzanne Pleshette (VG/EX, with B/W promo photo stapled in upper left corner); trong>8) 1964 The Black Torment, Heather Sears and John Turner (NM/MT); trong>9) 1975 Mr. Rocco, Dean Martin (NM/MT); and trong>10) 1979 The Rose, Bette Midler and Alan Bates (NM/MT).

1954,1955,1956,1957,1961,1962,1963,1964,1975,1979,Card,Movie,Photo  Bette Midler,Dean Martin

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