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Babe Ruth Autographed “Anchor” Baseball “1932”

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Babe Ruth Autographed “Anchor” Baseball “1932”

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The Babe, of course, was nearly always a willing signer. But for the most part, those wonderful keepsakes – in particular, the many single signed baseballs he left for posterity – were penned during his many years in retirement. This ball, however, was signed in the twilight of his career. For that matter, very faintly, we discover the notation, “1932“, thereby placing its vintage to that season of his mythical “Called Shot” home run in Game 3 of the World Series (against Chicago’s Charlie Root). The ball is unofficial, made by a fleeting enterprise calling itself “Anchor Brand.” (Though not identified as such, “Anchor” was at one time the trade name of Jacob de Beer Sporting Goods of Albany, New York.) With its indicative red-and-blue stitching, the ball is clearly an antique in itself, and it’s well-crafted. In conceding that it bears some mild soiling (but no harmful abrasions), its sole signature, nevertheless, is abundantly legible. To gratify one early autograph request, Babe Ruth applied his fountain pen signature to the sweet spot, and despite its obviously vintage scribing, the signature yet merits “trong>5” in quality.

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