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Babe Ruth Signed and Inscribed Autograph Page (PSA GRADED: GEM MINT 10)

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Babe Ruth Signed and Inscribed Autograph Page (PSA GRADED: GEM MINT 10)

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The consummate ambassador of the game, Babe Ruth, once consented to sign a young lady’s autograph book. Her name was Suszan, and we know this because Babe has so indicated – along with a salutation. It can’t be overstated that Ruth clearly understood his stature in society and, equally, he understood the weighty responsibility that went with the fame and glory. (He could hold a few seminars with today’s sporting celebrities, huh.) Suszan politely requested that the Babe grace her autograph book with his personally expressed identity. Politely, we’re sure, he accommodated – and his assurance that he signed it “Sincerely” was genuine. Those comments aside, we report that PSA has examined this Ruth autograph, deeming it authentic and worthy of their quality evaluation of “10”. The page itself, we might add, is clean with no other writing (on either side), but it does have a harmless, straight diagonal crease in the upper right – far removed from the autograph and its inscription.

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Book,Signed  Babe Ruth

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