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Babe Ruth Signed Ball

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Babe Ruth Signed Ball

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Behind every Ruth signed ball there’s an interesting, often compelling, story, and nearly all those accounts are lost to history. Fleeting happenstances, chance encounters, or ardently pursued quests for that priceless, brief exchange with the Babe – one remembered forever in the autograph. It’s a near certainty that there was a heart-pounding anticipation as the request was advanced, and the “hero among all champions” stopped to acknowledge. Eyes meet, and the friendly palm opens to welcome the baseball, one until now with no particular distinction.

“I’ll sign that ball for ya, son”.

Such a scenerio is, of course, just an imprecise reverie. For this particular signing, it may well have been more involved. Our authenticator notes that the ball has undergone some degree of deleing; it once held other writings, either signatures or inscriptions. The ball itself is substantially stained, and there are no stampings apparent. But we opine that it probably served duty before it was autographed, as the Ruthian signature seems undamaged by routine play. Atypically, this Babe Ruth signature was placed on a side panel, and it essentially traverses that panel, seam-to-seam. The instrument was a fountain pen, and the only minor distraction from an otherwise “7”-quality autograph is that the “e” is a bit weak. Nonetheless, this one is engaging, as are most Babe Ruth autographs, and it serves well the yearning for just such a signature with, perhaps, a thriftier price tag.

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