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Babe Ruth Signed Golf Ball

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Babe Ruth Signed Golf Ball

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Throughout his career and even into the late 1940’s, Babe Ruth had signed thousands of mediums from bats, balls, photos, advertisements, contracts, signs etc. However, it’s very rare to find a golf ball signed by the Sultan of Swat. Further, it’s no secret that he was an avid golfer, especially in his retirement. It must have been quite a challenge for Ruth to sign such a small and dimpled sphere. The surface of the golf ball does make the inscription appear to be somewhat “shaky”, as should be expected, but all considered, this is as fine a Babe Ruth signature as one could expect to find on a golf ball. The ball is in excellent condition. The inscription is “To Mrs. (illegible)/From/Babe Ruth.” A very unusual, signed Babe Ruth piece relating to the Yankee legend’s second favorite sporting pastime.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, Mike Gutierrez

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