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Babe Ruth Signed Official (Reach) Ball (w/Provenance LOA From Family)

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Babe Ruth Signed Official (Reach) Ball (w/Provenance LOA From Family)

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It is perhaps the ultimate signature on the most appropriate piece of equipment in this superstar’s game – a Babe Ruth signature on a baseball. This ball has been well preserved and it proudly carries the signature made with a blue fountain pen on its sweet spot. Nicely framed by the red seems, the signature seems unhurried and as majestic as one of the Babe’s home runs was in flight. The EX Official (Reach) ball is in remarkably good condition, with only a slight discoloration to give any hint of its age.

According to the original owner and relayed in an accompanying family LOA, in 1948 her late husband, along with a couple of other boys, were hanging around the set at what was then Gilmore Field in Los Angeles where pan style=”FONT-STYLE: italic”>The Babe Ruth Story was being filmed with the hope that the Bambino would appear to see how the movie was progressing. The boys were in luck as Ruth showed up at the filming area and as he was leaving he stopped to chat with them and sign their baseballs. He died shortly after the movie was completed and the ball spent a lot of years packed away in a sock in a closet. Now the ball is ready for prominent display in only one of the finest collections… minus the sock, of course.

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