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Babe Ruth Signed, Personalized, 1927-Dated Ball

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Babe Ruth Signed, Personalized, 1927-Dated Ball

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Today’s collectors are moving toward an appreciation for varieties in superstar autographs. Notations and inscriptions citing achievements and unconventional messages are now vigorously pursued. From a bygone age – nearly 80 years distant – the great Babe accommodated one such special request as demonstrated by this offered baseball. The medium is an unofficial Spalding ball – one that’s slightly imperfect due to several small surface blemishes about the panels. Such qualification notwithstanding, this is still a remarkable memento as Ruth seldom dated a ball. (Most likely, he never did so unless specifically asked, and then we don’t know that he routinely complied.) By the mid-20s, it was evident that the Yankees were a team of destiny – ‘upwardly mobile,’ in today’s parlance. And though they’d taken defeat in the 1926 World Series, the approach of the ’27 season was bubbling with anticipation in the Land of Pinstripes. It was in this spirit that one admirer prevailed upon the Babe to sign this baseball, which he did – and quite obviously, he responded to her request that he date it as well. Little did either of them realize that the Yankees (and Babe Ruth, in particular) were at the dawn of unprecedented glory. Here, on a side panel, he penned the personalization “To Ruth Robbe…” and following his autograph, he dated the occasion, “trong>Jan. 7th 1927.” Uniformly, the signature and the entirety of the inscription are about “6-7” in strength – a bit light in intensity, yet prominent and immediately legible. We underscore the import of this ball in that Ruth rarely dated his autograph (even to the more profuse signings in his retirement). And though this one was penned during the off-season, it is nonetheless decisively isolated to his defining year as baseball’s most celebrated slugger.

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